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Chichen Itza All Inclusive

During your holidays in the Riviera Maya do not miss the opportunity to visit Chichen Itza, ancient capital of the Mayan Empire and because it has been named a wonder of the world. We started travel aboard are coming out of your hotel in Riviera Maya direct to the archaeological site of CHICHEN ITZA, where one of our certified guides will give you the explanation of the ruin, then headed to the restaurant where the food is buffet-style breakfast, then headed to the CENOTE XKEKEN or IKIL where allowed to bathe with the waters that spring from the groundwater, and now finally we went to Valladolid where tourists have free 30 min time The return to their respective hotels is at 7:30 pm approximately. (DAILY DEPARTURES)

$ 69.99 USD
$ 69.99 USD
1 free, any additional $ 69.99 USD

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BALANCE DUE: Adults: $35 USD
Children from 5 to 11 yrs: $35 USD
Infants from 1 to 4yrs (1 free, any aditional): $35 USD
Can be paid with Credit Card on advance thru PayPal or Cash when the driver pick you up at your hotel.

More information about Chichén Itzá.

See the most important archaeological site in Yucatán in an East guided tour which departs from your hotel door admires to the pyramid of Kukulcan, the Temple of a thousand columns, the Observatory, the Court the juego de Pelota, among many other amazing constructions.
Mayan ruins located in the center of the Yucatan peninsula and are the vestiges most visited mayan. 18 structures have been restored over the years being the most important, known as "El Castillo" Kukulcan pyramid during the spring and summer equinoxes (March 21 and September 21) the position of the Sun creates a shadow that descends the steps of the pyramid creating a snake.
This popular event brings crowds surrounding the pyramid. .. Chichen Itza is considered the most important city of the Mayan culture and boasts the most amazing buildings that are examples of advanced architectural development. They are the most extensive and impressive ruins on the Yucatan peninsula...

Chichen Itza was a sacred city which in Mayan language means "Mouth of the well of the Itza". Located 120 km. East of Merida, the capital of the Mexican State of Yucatán; covers an area of 9.6 sq km where hundreds of buildings once were on foot, most are buried but there are at least 30 which can be visited today. The ruins of Chichen Itza are divided into two groups.
The first belongs to the classic Mayan period and was built between the 17TH and X A.D., period in which the city became a prominent ceremonial center. The other group corresponds to the Maya-Tolteca period since the end of the 10th century at the beginning of century XIII D.C.tiempo in which of built the cenote of sacrifice and most of the recycling that you remain in our days.

The pyramid of Kukulcan possibly the most famous building of the Mayan culture is the pyramid of Kukulcan. (Kukulkan Quetzalcoatl) Castle has a square base and rises to 75 feet tall, was built with astronomical purposes and during the equinoxes in spring and autumn (March 30 and September 21) around 3:00 PM the sunlight form a shadow in the main stairs of the pyramid originating forming seven isosceles triangles imitating the body of a serpent descending the pyramid.

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