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cozumel, ferry and lunch + private Island Tour

Island Tour Cozumel

Your day, your way!!!

Choose from our 3 hour or 5 hour tour of the island and customize it any way you want! You get to choose exactly what you want to do and you have your own private bi-lingual guide while touring the island!!! See below for more details, but don't miss this outstanding chance to experience the parts of Cozumel that interest you most and at the same time our guides are there to give you the inside info about our gorgeous island!!!!

We have 2 options of how you can manage your Private Island Tour, But you always can add more time at the last minute if you need it.

  • Island Tour Cozumel

    Cozumel, Ferry and Lunch with Private Island Tour Basic (3 hours)

    An excellent introduction to the island, if you are short on time this would be ideal for you, but we recommend combining it with one of our other tours or choosing the 5 hour tour to maximize your time and get a real feel for our Caribbean paradise.

  • Island Tour Cozumel

    Cozumel, Ferry and Lunch with Private Island Tour Plus (5 hours)

    This is your day in the Caribbean, customized so well to your dreams that you will come away from Cozumel thrilled with the things you chose to do and see. Pick from the many beautiful beaches, the gorgeous views from the lighthouse in the south or cruising through town looking at local arts and crafts. Whatever you and your group decide to do, our commitment to you is that you arrive, relax and leave the details to us!!! That's how to enjoy Paradise.

More information about the Cozumel, Ferry and Lunch with Private Island Tour.

Cozumel has so much to offer, if you have looked at the web sites and searched the internet you are probably overwhelmed by all there is to see and do, and how to decide??? Safe Tours Cozumel decided to make it easy for you!!!! With miles of beautiful white sand beaches, various archeological sites, a bustling downtown area for shopping and just hanging out, and beautiful natural landscapes, especially on the "other side", we wanted you to have the best of all worlds. So we created the Private Island Tours; with our expertise and your dreams, you can be sure to see the things you most care about.

The ocean of Cozumel with its crystal clear turquoise water will call your name immediately. We will take you snorkeling on some of the best reefs you can find anywhere. Jacques Cousteau came to Cozumel in the 60's and claimed it had the second best scuba diving in the world!!! Snorkeling these waters is equally spectacular. You will see many varieties of fish, perhaps an octopus or eel and when you are ready, you can flop down on the beach for some sun and relaxation.

El Cedral would be our next stop if you so choose. It was the first area of the island to be inhabited and has a small Mayan ruin. The village is charming, colorful and you will learn about the annual fiesta that is celebrated every May, it culminates with the Dance of the Pig and there is a sculpture commemorating this in the village square.

Next is Celerain at the National Park of Punta Sur. This is a famous lighthouse and has beautiful views of the ocean in every direction. You can also walk out onto a dock that looks out over Columbia Lagoon and you may just get a glimpse of a crocodile… a safe distance though!!!!

And now...….perfection; the 12 mile drive on the other side of the island. This is the place where a BIG "aHHHH….." will escape your lips and you will know you are in Paradise. The "other side" is pristine, protected by the federal government, and there are only a few restaurants and no other development!!! White sand beaches, coral formations, great photo ops and you can ask your driver to stop wherever you want to take photos*. Special points of interest are El Mirador, Punta Chiqueros, Chen Rio (a favorite of the locals), Coconuts, another great spot high on a cliff overlooking the sea, and Mezcalitos……a classic spot to relax and eat some great garlic shrimp!!!! (Not included in the price) There are handcrafts for sale along the way. This side of the island is where the turtles come to lay their eggs and Cozumel has a very comprehensive program for protecting the eggs and assisting in a release program after the babies are hatched!!! In the summer you will see the large holes and the tracks of the mama turtles where they have come ashore to lay their eggs.

We now turn left and drive across the island. This is where the main archeological site of Cozumel is, San Gervasio. This is a sacred spot for the Goddess Ixchel and Maya women for centuries came from the mainland of the Yucatan to worship this Goddess of Fertility. There is an entrance fee for this site.

After all this nature, all these magnificent views, and your experience in the sea, we will now arrive to the main town on Cozumel, San Miguel. This is our actual downtown and we will give you a driving tour of the area. There are monuments, a local "Mercado" which means market in English, always a favorite of tourists in Mexico. You will see a tortilla factory, black coral factory that makes gorgeous jewelry from the coral of our oceans and let's not forget the most famous of all…..TEQUILA. The Tequila Factory will teach you about the process of making tequila, give you samples of many different kinds of tequila and you will be able to buy some tequila for your trip home. (We will let you know how many bottles you are allowed to take home whether you are on a cruise ship or are flying).

And finally, lunch. It will be the perfect time to relax into the atmosphere of a traditional Mexican restaurant and try some delicious local dishes; from Fajitas to Chile Relleno (vegetarian meals available), you can taste the flavors that make Mexico unique


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