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Swimming With Sharks

The tour of swimming with whale sharks is available only from june 1 to september 15 of each year, these are the only official dates allowed by SEMARNAT.

Swimming and whale shark watching excursion is unique in the world, only in Australia and in the Mexican Caribbean are fortunate to be able to snorkel with the fish the world's largest in their natural habitat,

Swimming With Sharks

Swimming with sharks is 2 people at the same time accompanied by a certified guide.
Once in the water with the whale shark must respect the following rules:

• Forbidden to swim with the shark whale without vest life or neoprene
• not to approach the shark more than 2 meters, do not touch it or hold it at all
• Do not interfere with the path of the whale shark, positioning itself facing the
• Not to make sudden movements in the water when we are close to the whale shark

Respecting these simple rules you will have the best opportunity to interact with the whale shark. Whale sharks will be very clear in his body language, if we are bothering them or making them feel uncomfortable. Will do this in the following way:

• by turning away from you.
• Increasing the speed of swimming.
• Plunge into deeper waters

After your swim, let the reef of IxlaChe II, which is close to Isla Contoy for snorkeling, this lasts approximately 45 min. Return to the pier is approximately at 3 in the afternoon and returns customers to their respective hotels in the corresponding vehicle.

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