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The only ocean front archaeological area discover the Tulum archaeological site and live a Mayan Adventure Visit to the archaeological site of Tulum has an approximate duration of 1.5 hours and will enjoy it with a certified guide who will talk to you about the story and the mystery of the great Mayan civilization and explain the meaning of the most important sites, Then they will let you explore the ruins at their own pace.

We have 5 options of how you can manage your Tulum Tour, But you can always make combinations of them:

  • Discover Mexico Park

    Tulum Express (half day)

    Half day tour to the magical Mayan ruins of Tulum located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The perfect tour for those wishing to visit part of the Mayan culture and enjoy one of the best views of the Mexican Caribbean, returning to their hotel early in order to be able to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing. Tulum is magical, the turquoise color from the Caribbean sea beside the ruins make this visit unforgettable. We started travel aboard van for went to the archaeological site of TULUM, where the estimated time of explanation in the ruins is approximately 1 hour., then we went to Paradise Beach where the activities are free with a duration approx. 45 min, (daily)

    More information about Tulum Express (half day).

    TULUM EXPRESS, offers a half day Tour to visit this archaeological site. Nothing of long days of travel; on the contrary, it will be a direct route to the ruins of the archaeological site of Tulum, with an informative guided tour about the history of the Mayan culture.
    Tulum is characterized as the unique ruins that are walled right next to the Caribbean Sea.
    In this place, you can Discover the Temple of the descending Dios, El Castillo, Temple of the initiated as well as buildings with frescoes and the Dios Chaac masks.
    This tour will allow you to take some time to take beautiful photos of your visit to this site that no doubt will leave you breathless. We started our tour by picking up our passengers to lobby your hotel in Riviera Maya. Once completed the collection of passengers we will go to Tulum in the southern part of the Riviera Maya, making a trip to the Mayan ruins of Tulum in 1 hour approximately.
    When you arrive... The tour includes Pick up in the lobby of your hotel in the Riviera Maya. Transportation hotel - archaeological site - hotel. Entrance to the archaeological site of Tulum. Guide certificate in Tulum.
    Does not include Souvenirs / souvenirs. Gratuities for guides. Drinks. Food.
    Tips and recommendations : bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Remember to use biodegradable blockers. Use comfortable shoes. Don't forget your camera. You do not bring a tripod for your camera, its use in the archaeological zone is not permitted. If you take camera video will cover an additional amount at the box office of the archaeological zone.

  • Island Tour Cozumel

    Tulum with Turtles

    Started collecting passangers in his hotel to take them directly to Tulum with a guide explanation consists of 1 hour approximately.
    Subsequent to the snorkeling in Akumal; duration 1 hour and 30 minutes. 8 hour excursion.
    Live with us an amazing day of history, culture and adventure in two of the largest sites of the Mayan Riviera - Tulum and Akumal.
    Returns the time as you explore the spectacular ruins of Tulum, a maya site located on a cliff overlooking the ruins of this great city.

    AKUMAL - in maya means "place of the turtles" - this picturesque community is located next to the beach and offers a relaxed, natural beauty, a beautiful Cove and a wide variety of marine life.

    More information about Tulum with Turtles.

    Come and Swim with the Turtles and Visit Tulum in the Riviera Maya.
    We started picking up to your lobby hotel in Riviera Maya to take them directly to Tulum with a guide explanation consists of 45 minutes approximately. Subsequent to the snorkeling in Akumal; duration 1 hour and 30 minutes. 8 hour excursion.
    We arrive after 45 minutes travel in Tulum's arquelogical zone, an ancient prehispanic settlement that was the ceremonial and political center of the city.
    "The Castle" is the largest of the ruins in Tulum construction and sits almost at the edge of the cliff, from where the Caribbean Sea as a frozen Sentinel is regarded. It was in fact built in different periods with a central staircase, 2 galleries and 2 platforms, being older than the later part was used as a base for the erection of the upper Temple.
    The structure has 3 inputs, two vaulted chambers and a lintel supported by two columns with the figure of the serpent. The most recent additions to the monument were 2 chapels, one on each side of the staircase. This ancient Castle by the sea was mostly used for religious rituals and may have been a beacon for the merchant ships Maya who sailed along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its imposing structure from a distance, resembles a tower dominant forever symbolizing the greatness of the people who built it. Next stop is to one of mexicans caribbean best places to visit, Akumal.
    Also known as "Turtle land", Akumal is a picturesque coastal community, with a relaxing environment and an abundant marine life that gives the perfect setting for snorkeling, being this last activity one of the main attractions of the place.
    Accompanied by a guide, you will have the opportunity to see the different wonders that the caribbean sea offers, such as colorful reefs, tropical fish and the famous Akumal turtles that have make this place their home.

    At the end of this day, you will enjoy a delicious lunch next to the sea and some free time to relax before leaving to your hotel.

  • Island Tour Cozumel

    Tulum & Xelha All Inclusive

    TULUM: Fabulous Mayan city with an exquisite view to the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean.
    XEL-HA: This natural aquarium is famous for its hundreds of tropical fish in bright colors and spectacular rock formations.
    Tulum & Xelha All Inclusive a great opportunity to learn something more about the Mayan culture and enjoy the comforts in a huge ecotourism Park.
    Tulum construction unique Mayan on the shores of the sea and Xelha where nature is mixed between the sea and the land.
    This interesting tour starts from the moment you Pick up at your hotel and you addressed the vehicle that was transporting you to these wonders of the Mayan Riviera

    More information about Tulum & Xelha All Inclusive.

    Tulum was built during the dying days of the Mayan empire, and was actually a fort. Tulum is a unique archaeological site located on top of a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
    Later visit the Xel-has the world's largest natural aquarium, the perfect place for snorkelling and relaxation. This natural aquarium is famous for its thousands of tropical fishes of a lush colorful and fantastic formations of limestone.
    Xel-Ha has the most spectacular natural aquarium in the world. Here you will experience a real aquatic adventure. Explore this theme park and enjoy all it has to offer--lagoons, natural wells and ancient caves fed by subterranean rivers flowing to the beautiful Mexican Caribbean Sea of the Riviera Maya.
    Enter the fortress from the west for a spectacular view of the ceremonial city, which still has paintings from long ago, and take amazing photos of the ruins and the Caribbean Sea.
    Xel-Ha, "Birthplace of the waters". Natural park where you'll find cenotes, caves, a large Cove where snorkeling can admire a great variety of fish, rivers, trails among mangroves, manatees great color birds such as macaws, ducks, toucans and flamingos, strolls in bicycle, sunbeds, beach and sea. In addition the stroll in Xel-Ha has a fabulous walk by the River aboard an inflatable tires that are super fun, and that they will leave you quietly admire the natural beauty of the jungle and this precious natural river and fun activities during your trip.
    Activities that require a payment extra include: treak, Snuba, (walk underwater) and swimming with dolphins. To carry out these activities it is necessary to make your reservation.

  • Island Tour Cozumel

    Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraiso

    We started travel aboard the van to we headed to the archaeological site of TULUM, where the time of explanation in the ruins is approximately 1 hour, then we went to Paradise Beach where the activities are free with a duration approx. 45 min, continuing our journey to the restaurant LA CABANA where you can consume your food, time of stay is approx.
    1 hourthen headed to the archaeological site of COBA where the estimated time of stay and explanation of the ruins is 2 hrs 30 min, estimated time of return to your hotel

    More information about Tulum, Coba and Playa Paraiso.

    Tulum and Coba, the sea and the jungle, two ruins, two stories, two incredible landscapes in an unforgettable trip. You will walk through the ruins of an ancient civilization discovered the most perfect Caribbean sea view, given that Tulum is the only archaeological site built on the coast.
    Visit of the archaeological site of Tulum, known in antiquity as Zama (dawn), it was the maya most important port in the Caribbean and at the foot of the pyramid known as the Castle, you will find a fine white sand beach where you can take one of the photographs of emblematic of Mexico and to continue this extraordinary day, you will have free time to relax in the waters turquoise located in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya known as "Paradise Beach", certainly a true paradise on Earth.
    In Coba you will find 4 lakes, the tallest pyramid in the peninsula, the Nohoch-Mul with 122 steps and a number of stelthen ae make kind Coba... COBA the name itself makes you remember the images of its glorious past. Its main features were the constructions of big cities.
    COBA, is a large archaeological site, which is actually made up of a number of different sites connected among them. During the late classic post 1200-1450 ad Coba was the largest settlement in Noth-Eastern of the Yucatan Peninsula.
    There are many buildings of interest groups, the most notorious is Nohoch Mul, with its large templo-piramide that has the same name, from its top (consisting of 42 meters is the highest of the ancient buildings of Yucatan) have a complete vision of the jungle that surrounds it

  • Coba

    Tulum, Coba and Cenote

    Activities and expeditions you can do from the Riviera Maya, this fantastic tour of adventure sites include archaeological of Tulum and Coba, visiting a cenote.
    We started travel aboard the van to we headed to the archaeological site of TULUM; where the time of explanation in the ruins is approximately 1 hour, continuing our journey to the restaurant LA CABAÑA where you can consume your food, stay time is approx. 1 hour, then headed to the archaeological site of COBA, where the time of stay and explanation of the ruins is 1 hours 30 minutes and one hour Cenote.
    Estimated time of return to your hotel would be at 6:00 pm (daily).

    More information about Tulum, Coba and Cenote.

    Framed by different tones of blue, product of the union between the Caribbean Sea and sky, the archaeological ruins of Tulum, Quintana Roo, attracts more than one million tourists each year.
    Since Coba is immersed in the jungle when you visit it you will have a feeling of being on a tour of expedition that we don't let imagine that it can be under those small mountains composed of Earth, branches, flowers plants and possibly ruins.
    A typical Coba tour also includes a tour to Tulum and adventure in a cenote, convenient because we can visit two ancient cities in a single day. This excursion in the Riviera Maya will take you to see the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean: the splendor of a monumental site, with the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula: the Nohoch-Mul in Coba.
    With many buildings still covered by jungle, Coba has about 125 km2 and 5 Lakes, highlights the pyramid Nohoch Mul which with its 120 stepping-stones and 42 metres make it the highest in the Yucatan peninsula...
    During the past years the importance of Coba has come to light, some archaeologists are convinced that over time be proven that these ruins will be one of the largest and important in the Yucatan peninsula.
    More than 5000 points with possible Mayan vestiges remain covered by jungle The Cenote, is ideal for swimming, and esnorkeling and it is also an option to get away from the heat and cool off in its clean and clear waters.

Some video testimonials about Tulum.

More information about Tulum.

Tulum (Yucatec: Tulu'um) is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Cobá. The ruins are situated on 12-meter (39 ft.) tall cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Tulum was one of the last cities inhabited and built by the Mayans, it was at its height between the 13th and 15th centuries and managed to survive about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico. Old World diseases brought by the Spanish settlers appear to have been the cause of its demise. One of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites.

Tulum, which in Mayan means "fence or wall", is one of the most visited Mayan sites in Yucatan. The impressive ruins with its backdrop of the turquoise waters is just breathtaking and a great memorable photo opportunity.

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